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How it all began …

The World Refugee Day 5k virtual run is inspired by the World Refugee Day 5k run we’ve hosted in Uganda’s Nakivale Refugee Settlement for three years.

It all began when we heard from refugee youth that participating in sports helps them to feel alive, to stay fit, active and positive amidst the daily challenges they face. The World Refugee Day 5k gives the community in Nakivale a chance to do just that – to be inspired, to reach new heights and to dream a little bigger.

This June 20th, the third annual World Refugee Day 5k in Nakivale Refugee Settlement will unite over 1,000 runners, from 13 different nations all headed for the finish line. Refugees, Ugandans and friends from all over the world come together to celebrate what’s possible. This one of a kind run shines a light on an often forgotten place, telling a story of hope and ideas, optimism and peace.

The only requirement to enter the race is to submit an idea – any idea to better their community and lift each other up. Alongside the community, we’ll work together to bring ideas to life and create real change in Nakivale Refugee Settlement.

You can join in the celebration! How? Register for the first-ever World Refugee Day 5k Virtual Run! It’s a chance to gather your friends, family and neighbors to support refugee runners from anywhere in the world.

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